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Picture of Head Lice

Pictures of head lice  -  Finding head lice can be tedious -  The Lice Pictures below are real - However what you will actually see on a child's head look like a rice kernel and nits look like a grain of sand - a bit grayish or off white in color.  Creative louse drawings.  

Head Lice are small about 1/32 to 1/16 inch in size. They are visible to the naked eye. They do not fly or jump. They crawl and scurry about the hair and scalp. They are an off white, brown, or sort of dirt in color. It is best to use a bright light to examine the hair and scalp. You may even do this outdoors under direct sun light. Try running a fine tooth comb through the hair and then examine the comb

 Nits (ie; eggs) are found attached to the individual hair shaft, close to the scalp; usually not more than 1 inch above the scalp. They appear to be a tiny speck of sand on the hair. If you see what might be one, blow on it - If it flies off on the wind - it was likely only a piece of dirt, lint, or dandruff. On the other hand, if it just sits there and does not move - It is likely to be a nit (lice egg).


[ adult head louse ] [ louse claws ] [ nit (egg case) ]
Adult head lice are about
the size of a sesame seed.
Head lice have strong claws to
hold on to hair strands.
Louse eggs are tightly
cemented to the hair strand.

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The Drawings below give you a more realistic idea of what you will see.

Actual size of adult louse is 1/8" to 1/4" in length and the eggs are no more than a 1/16".

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