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Our affiliate program is handled by a trusted third party payment processor ClickBank so you can be sure of great service!

Now let's get started................

Step One

Sign up for a free Clickbank account

It only takes a minute so please just click here - Once you have your CB ID proceed to step two.


Step Two

Set up Your Unique URL

Now just replace the xxxx with your Clickbank ID (nickname) and you are ready to start referring people through that link.  Learn more in step three...


Step Three

Send Traffic

Now there are many ways to send traffic to your affiliate link (URL).   If you have a website, you can place links on it.  If you have an opt-in email list simply send them an email promotion. Please no spam; that will get you kicked of my affiliate program. If you have none of the above then you can use Google Adwords or Overture (Yahoo ads) to drive traffic for as little as 11 cents a visitor.


Promotion Check List

 Placing the Text link or Banner on your website {examples below}

Writing an article or review and submitting it to and   (You can have articles written for as little as $3-$9!)

  Placing the link in a Newsletter

  Sending out an endorsement to your Opt-in email list. (no spam)

  Placing ads with Yahoo (Overture) or Google Adwords

  Placing ads in free ads in online Classifieds and Ezines

  Send me an email for any questions or to get suggestions




Banner url is

Banner Link

<a href=""><img border="0" src="" width="468" height="60"></a>>



Text Links

<a href="">Head Lice Alternative Home Treatment- That Kills Lice & Nits Dead - Guaranteed!</a>

<a href="">Head Lice Treatment, Safe Alternative Home Remedy</a>

- Remember to replace USERID with your unique ClickBank username.




Blessed Be,

 Terrena Rosslow

Vickies Remedies Dot Com Manager
1614 E Ostrander Ave
Spokane WA 99207 


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